Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No Excuse For Abuse!

Stop Spouse Abuse!
There is no excuse for abuse!

If you seen me walking down the street you may never know the abuse I have been through by all the men in my life! I guess it goes way back to my real dad then my step-dad then all them men I ever had in my life! I see it everywhere! I have known many men and even women with this abusive nature!

It seems to always be swept under the carpet and hidden in the closet (no I don't mean my clutter from my 4 boys lol well maybe that has to be cleaned also lol) But even with the kids, when I was in the spouse abuse shelters they did not deal with the kids mental problem or feeling towards anything that they was feeling about it. And yes I did ask the staff! Maybe they don't want to get involved! But I have seen some sad cases with kids and feel so bad for them they are the ones who suffer! How do you raise kids to rise above it all?

I think alot of abuse stems from anger management self worth and control, power and or mental unhappiness and or a learned trait! Even the most honest caring people have had bad days or moments but the ones who go past the limit and take it out on others need help but most would never admit it or maybe can't see it the same way like an alcoholic cant feel they are one once they had 20 drinks lol But abuse is made worse by alcohol but have been with one guy who was abusive more without was a social drinker and fine with a beer or to but abusive when sober! I think it is a mental problem!

I am afraid to trust in people, specially men, how do you get over it and specially raising boys to let them know how to treat women without making it sound like all guys are dogs lol I just try to keep them knowing they need to respect women and know they know how their dads act is not right! But it is a hard thing to deal with!

Men who abuse are the nicest most exciting men on the outside! its behind closed doors they play the mental dance! Once they draw you in! You see the real them like no other! You also try to hide it! I went back many times before I did leave for good and finally had enough! To this day he still try to get me back and is a very hard man to resist lol but all the memories always come back all the tears and the fear was like death creeping in! I had to hide out for a month at a time when I would leave until he would cool down well a little lol been gone from him for many years like 9 but we have a son so I have to deal with him! He was married to a lawyer (go figure I had 2 injunctions on him ect) They had a baby but now are splitsville and he even got money out of it all! Go figure this is what abused women are up against lol

I used to have a web page dedicated to this but with blogs being so hot this is a good way to get this off my chest and maybe help someone else going threw the pain to know they are not alone! I am single 6 years now and will never go that route again but then again one never knows what goes on behind closed doors until they live with it!