Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just me!

I used to be jaded from my life and love from my old blogs that I have posted I guess. But I am getting older and I am not sure wiser? It was my grandmas birthday today, God rest her soul. I loved her so much.
I went on a date tonight. Someone I love but scared if It is the guy I should be with. I love him but am scared as he is I guess. And sometimes I feel it has went on too long the way it has been. I love and hate him omgosh.
I had a very hard year and am trying to pick my life back up. I share my kids with their dads, my 16 year old almost 17 comes over after school then to his dads and then my 10 year old is bi-weekly.
I seem to always go for the wrong kinda guys and now I am afraid to love and think I have a good one but don't trust men lordy it is so hard to know love.