Friday, November 2, 2007

Hard to Trust Anyone!

It is hard to trust anyone I have been used by and back stabbed by everyone I ever cared about! I met a girl at my job that seems to be so much like me it is crazy lol But you can tell she has had man problems as I have and being a single mom and also a hard time getting along with her mom as I do!

This is why I would rather be alone then let someone in my heart and life! My mom is dating a looser but I don't think I liked anyone she has ever been with! She is an alcoholic as well as my birth father and I just can't be around an alcoholic! I have an ex that is one also and it worries me that my son with him could be prone to it and he is a 17 yr old boy now (the age to experience it all) But he does know I don't drink and I hope he knows the difference as he say he does!

But anyhow, I am bothered because I never had someone in my life to be real and true to whom they say they are and I am starting to think I just may stay single forever because I will never settle for someone I can't count on and trust fully...